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Providing peace of mind to cannabis brands

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TruLievedecibeljeeterSNDL Blue LogoNimbusursarosinport northgold dropnugcream of the cropbuckeyeselectcoulson cannabisBatchauroralemon treefriendly
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Leaf All-In-One
Slim size. Big branding potential.
Explore the Leaf
Explore the Leaf

Our promise to you

Personalized cannabis advice

Benefit from a team of vape experts to advise on the right products specific to your operation, extracts, and markets.

Raj, Sales
Raj, Sales

Exceptional vape performance

Expect outstanding performance, reliability, and safety from products designed for the intricacies of cannabis extracts.

Rita, Manufacturing
Rita, Manufacturing

Pure cannabis flavor delivery

Get consistent and true-to-strain flavor delivery with technology engineered to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes.

Sarah, Sales
Sarah, Sales

De-risked supply chain

Receive on-time deliveries from ACTIVE factories and warehouses, with inventory planning support to prevent product outages. 

Michael, Operations
Michael, Operations

Hardware engineered specifically for cannabis

Proprietary vape tech

It’s what you don’t see that matters. Advanced technology delivers unprecedented terpene and cannabinoid preservation without sacrificing on the big hit.

More about No-Burn Technology™


ACTIVE batteries stabilize the temperature by sending short intermittent power pulses to the cartridge to avoid overheating and preserve the flavor of your extracts.

Ceramic core

Ceramic core

The porous core of our cartridges has an even pattern of microscopic inlets. Oil is smoothly absorbed for balanced heating that delivers 
true-to-strain flavors.

Dynamic airflow

Dynamic airflow

Our proprietary design maintains a clear airway for a smooth vaping experience so your customers avoid clogging.

Embedded heating element

Embedded heating element

Heating your oil with our ceramic core rather than exposed hot wires preserves your terpenes and cannabinoids.

Temperature control

Temperature control

Preventing heat spikes preserves the full plant expression. All our cartridges regulate temperature with an industry-leading variance of 0.05 ohms.

Automation ready

Cut costs with EZ Click™, ACTIVE's exclusive system for automated filling and capping that works with all leading automation systems.

Grab attention

In as little as 6-8 weeks, we’ll deliver an eye-catching and exclusive look for your brand.

See what’s possible

HD Pinaple Cake
Axil Branded
Rosin Stem
Axil Branded

Exclusive product design

Our award-winning design and engineering teams will bring your ideas to life with a proprietary form factor that’s quick to market. All with the benefit of our proven vape technologies.

Exclusive customizations

Select Briq

A custom 2mL all-in-one for Curaleaf’s Select Brand.

Curaleaf LogoSelect Logo

Select, the leading vape brand nationwide, identified the market demand for a distinctive 2mL all-in-one.

Their objective was to develop a remarkable, cutting-edge product, and drive significant revenue.

Design Brief

  • Exclusive design for Select
  • 2mL value solution
  • Discreet form factor
  • Full flavor expression
  • Consistent performance
  • Ergonomic Design
Our process

Our process

Based on our proven technology, award-winning design capabilities, and rigorous durability testing, we collaborated with Curaleaf to bring the Briq to market in under 5 months.

Select briq

Sleek and compact body
Smaller than a Bic lighter, yet it holds up to 2.0mL.

Mass production ready
Designed for scalability and labor savings. Designed to be mass filled and capped and compatible with all major filling machines.

Unique airflow
A special airflow activates the battery for smooth pulls, every time.

USB-C rechargeable
Fast, efficient charging so consumers can be confident in the longevity of their purchase.

Go-to-market support


Product design

Designed and tested for Select’s oil formulations.

Product education

Training and product information for sales team & budtenders.

Optimized SOPs

Guidance around specific filling and capping nuances.

Production training

In-person filling & capping production training.


Supply chain management

Procurement & vendor managed inventory across 17 states.

Marketing support

Creative marketing to amplify launch.

Brand support

PR to amplify launch

MJ Biz display


“The fastest new product launch to hit $1M in retail sales!”matt darin, curaleaf ceo

Imagine what we could do for your brand

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Jesse Pitts / Trade Roots Co-Founder/CEO
Thousands of cartridges sold. Only one returned.

After testing several cartridges, the quality and consistency of the ACTIVE cart stood out. ACTIVE's reliability and dependability with great customer service gives us confidence and peace of mind that we made the right choice.

Darrin Gatto / CEO & Partner, Friendly Farms
The custom iridescent finish makes our carts stand out.

ACTIVE brought our vision to life. The customizations really make our cart stand out. The quality of the hardware has been consistent, and ACTIVE always has inventory on hand when we need it. Service of working with the ACTIVE team has been top notch.

Jim Hess / Supply Chain & Logistics Manager, Maitri
Attention to detail when it matters most.

After we mistakenly placed an incorrect order, the ACTIVE team took the time to review and realize it was different than previous orders. They called me to confirm, which speaks volumes about the focus & quality of the team. We are thrilled to be working with a supplier who takes care of their customers. Forever grateful for our partnership.

Michael Schimelpfenig / VP of Quality Systems Research and Development, BEAR Humboldt
The perfect fit for all of our products

From the early days of R&D to carrying our current brand offerings of Liquid Diamond Sauce, NOVA, and Rosin; URSA has been proud to partner with ACTIVE. The ACTIVE ceramic hardware has been the perfect fit for all of our products, and their team is one of the most helpful and supportive in the industry.

Mitch Lindback / Director Of Extraction, Copperstate Farms
Choosing the Ceramic Pro for our rosin was easy.

After testing nearly every 510 cart available, it was an easy decision to go with ACTIVE's Ceramic Pro cart for the launch of our premium cold cure live rosin line of cartridges.

Tony Verzura / Founder & CEO, Blue River™
ACTIVE hardware delivers best-in-class vaping.

The Blue River™ ACTIVE collaboration has created one of the cleanest vaping experiences in the world, delivering the best-in-class farm to table cannabis vaping experiences.

Ryan Hoitt / CEO & Founder, Vape-Jet
Consistency, innovation, and quality control

ACTIVE’s commitment to consistency, innovation, and quality control is the reason all Vape-Jet systems get pre-shipped with ACTIVE profiles. Their hardware is what we use for final validation because we can count on it to be reliable.

Lizandro Salazar V / President & Co-Founder, ArcataX
ACTIVE has helped us to three Emerald Cup wins

We produce top-shelf live resin and rosin extracts using exclusive genetics and rely on ACTIVE cartridges specifically for their flavor technology. So far our partnership with ACTIVE has helped us to three Emerald Cup wins in the vape category in 2021, 2022, and 2023!

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