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EZ Click™
Ultimate flavor and aesthetics
with on-the-go convenience.
EZ Click™<br>Ceramic<br>All-In-One
ACTIVE EZ Click Ceramic All-In-One

Flavor preservation

  • Engineered for live resin, rosin, and other premium extracts
  • ACTIVE No-Burn Technology™ for flavor & cannabinoid preservation


  • Accentuates the beauty of your extracts


  • Draw-activated without complex buttons


  • EZ Click™ low-pressure fill and cap system
  • Pre-racked in 50-unit cartridge & mouthpiece trays for automated filling & capping
  • Compatible with leading fill and cap platforms


  • Premium zirconia center post for strength and durability
  • Borosilicate glass body
  • Glue-free, compression fitted body
  • Gold trim finish
  • Tamper-resistant and non-refillable after capping


  • Customizable with distinctive finish options

Volume options

  • 0.5mL

Aperture inlet

  • 1.7mm


  • Top-loading
  • Compatible with most filling machines
  • Pre-racked 50-unit base & mouthpiece trays for automated production


  • Diameter: 10.60mm
  • Length without mouthpiece: 32.155mm


  • 1.4 ohms


  • ACTIVE’s proprietary ceramic core
  • Borosilicate glass premium zirconia center post
  • Tested to FDA food-safe standards


  • ACTIVE batch code
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Available Options
0.5mL<br>White or Black
White or Black
0.3mL<br>White or Black
White or Black
Product profile

The vessel for your high-end oils

Your top extracts deserve the spotlight. Crystal clear hypoallergenic glass. Brilliant white zirconia center post. Gold trim. It’s the perfect stage to show off the vibrant textures and complexities of your craft, all with unmatched flavor delivery for a connoisseur-pleasing experience.

The vessel for your high-end oils

Select your EZ Click™ mouthpiece

Benefit from the EZ-Click system. Seamlessly switch between any ACTIVE mouthpiece and base without interrupting your manufacturing SOPs.

Ceramic Flat Black
ACTIVE HempZyme™
FEATURED mouthpiece

ACTIVE HempZyme™

Helping the environment by using sustainable hemp and enzymes to break down the plastic in years not centuries.

More about HempZyme

ACTIVE Vortex™
FEATURED mouthpiece

ACTIVE Vortex™

Vapor travels through the spiral vortex, mixing with air and cooling for a fuller, smoother hit.

A connoisseur experience

Give your consumers the ultimate flavor experience delivered by ACTIVE’s acclaimed ceramic cartridge and battery pairing, engineered with ACTIVE No-Burn Technology™.

More about ACTIVE No-Burn Technology™

Feast for the eyes

Crafted from hypoallergenic glass with a brilliant white zirconia ceramic center post and gold trim to highlight the subtlest hues and complexity of your premium extracts.

Feast for the eyes

The purest flavors

Metal-free. Glue-free. And precision-engineered using zirconia ceramic, renowned for delivering award-winning flavors.

The purest flavors

Vape to the last drop

Rechargeable convenience with a standard micro-USB charging port.

Vape to the last drop

Heating consistency

Preventing heat spikes is vital to preserving the full plant expression. All ACTIVE cartridges regulate temperature with an industry leading variance, so your customers get to enjoy the same experience, every time.

Heating consistency

Consistent Vaporization

The porous core of our cartridges has an even pattern of microscopic inlets that smoothly absorb oil for balanced heating to preserve your terpenes and cannabinoids.

Consistent Vaporization
even heating

We embed the heating coil within the ceramic core. This way, your oil is heated by the ceramic core and not hot wires, for even heating and to avoid burnt flavors.

Smooth,<br>even heating

Standout customizations

In as little as 6-8 weeks, we’ll create an eye-catching and exclusive look for your brand. MOQ: 5,000 units

See what’s possible
Pineapple Cake
Cream Crop
Carbon Fiber

Save with automation

Cut costs with EZ Click™, ACTIVE’s exclusive system for automated filling and capping. The push-on mouthpiece is designed for quick and efficient filling and capping, compatible with all leading automation systems.


Get samples and pricing

Test your brand’s extracts with ACTIVE hardware. Samples delivered in 2-7 days.