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A hit for the mass market.
Axil All-In-One
  • 1.0mL or 2.0mL high-capacity tank

  • Easy draw activation

  • Ergonomically-designed lifestyle accessory

  • EZ Click™ fill and cap system saves time and labor

  • Proprietary ACTIVE ceramic core for smooth, even heating

  • Popular USB-C rechargeable for no wasted oil

  • Customizable to amplify your brand identity

  • Volume: 1.0mL or 2.0mL

  • Aperture inlet: 2mm

  • Filling: Top-loading, compatible with most filling machines, pre-racked in 30-unit base & mouthpiece trays for automated production

  • Dimensions:

    • Diameter: 12.1mm

    • Length without mouthpiece: 91.10mm

  • Heating element: Custom-formulated heating coil embedded in ACTIVE’s proprietary ceramic core

  • Resistance: 1.4 ohms

  • Materials: Thermoplastic tank and heavy metals-compliant stainless steel center post

  • Battery: Grade A lithium-ion, long lasting 280 mAh, USB-C rechargeable | Note: Do not use power chargers that output more than 5 volts. These may damage the battery

  • Authenticity: ACTIVE batch coded

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Product profile

Designed to help scale your business

Under $3 delivered. The Axil is priced for your brand to compete in the mass market without sacrificing on reliability and performance. Expect big clouds and consistent flavors.
Designed to help scale your business

Key Benefits

Performance meets

1.0mL & 2.0mL sizes

The Axil comes in two volume sizes so you can choose the best solution for your market. The 2.0mL option reduces your packaging and labor costs in half, giving you even more margin per mL.

1.0mL & 2.0mL sizes

Reliable performance. Happy consumers.

The Axil hits the right notes with all the performance and reliability you would expect from ACTIVE. Exclusive ceramic core technology and manufactured to international quality standards.

Reliable performance. Happy consumers.

Your best on display

Designed for both the 1.0mL and 2.0mL options, the quick view window shows off your extracts and lets consumers see when to buy more.

Your best on display

Good to the last drop

The Axil keeps the party going with a popular USB-C quick rechargeable battery. The LED indicator shows when to charge and when the Axil is ready to go.

Good to the last drop

Ultra discreet

Just bigger than your lighter and smaller than most devices on the market, the Axil fits discreetly in your hand, pocket or purse.

Ultra discreet

ACTIVE™ engineering

It’s what you don’t see that matters. Advanced technology delivers unprecedented terpene and cannabinoid preservation without sacrificing on the big hit.

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Flavor preservation
Engineered for 2mL flavor preservation from the first to the very last draw.
Flavor preservation
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No-Burn Technology™
No-Burn Technology™ prevents overheating and burnt flavors.
No-Burn Technology™
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Smooth vaping
Dynamic airflow design maintains a clear airway for a smooth vaping experience.
Smooth vaping
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Even heating
The custom-formulated ceramic core consistently and evenly heats for optimal vaporization.
Even heating

Save with automation

Cut costs with EZ Click™, ACTIVE’s exclusive system for automated filling and capping. The push-on mouthpiece is designed for quick and efficient filling and capping, compatible with all leading automation systems.

Standout customizations

In as little as 6-8 weeks, we’ll deliver an eye-catching and exclusive look for your brand.

See what’s possible
Carbon Fiber
Cloud Cover


Five stars all around.

ACTIVE has supplied our vape hardware since 2018. We’ve found no other supplier to match ACTIVE’s consistent product quality, flavor delivery, and competitive pricing, especially for saturated markets like Washington. The ACTIVE team is easy to work with and goes the extra mile.

Jesse Pitts / Trade Roots Co-Founder/CEO
Thousands of cartridges sold. Only one returned.

After testing several cartridges, the quality and consistency of the ACTIVE cart stood out. ACTIVE's reliability and dependability with great customer service gives us confidence and peace of mind that we made the right choice.

Darrin Gatto / CEO & Partner, Friendly Farms
The custom iridescent finish makes our carts stand out.

ACTIVE brought our vision to life. The customizations really make our cart stand out. The quality of the hardware has been consistent, and ACTIVE always has inventory on hand when we need it. Service of working with the ACTIVE team has been top notch.

Jim Hess / Supply Chain & Logistics Manager, Maitri
Attention to detail when it matters most.

After we mistakenly placed an incorrect order, the ACTIVE team took the time to review and realize it was different than previous orders. They called me to confirm, which speaks volumes about the focus & quality of the team. We are thrilled to be working with a supplier who takes care of their customers. Forever grateful for our partnership.

Michael Schimelpfenig / VP of Quality Systems Research and Development, BEAR Humboldt
The perfect fit for all of our products

From the early days of R&D to carrying our current brand offerings of Liquid Diamond Sauce, NOVA, and Rosin; URSA has been proud to partner with ACTIVE. The ACTIVE ceramic hardware has been the perfect fit for all of our products, and their team is one of the most helpful and supportive in the industry.

Mitch Lindback / Director Of Extraction, Copperstate Farms
Choosing the Ceramic Pro for our rosin was easy.

After testing nearly every 510 cart available, it was an easy decision to go with ACTIVE's Ceramic Pro cart for the launch of our premium cold cure live rosin line of cartridges.

Tony Verzura / Founder & CEO, Blue River™
ACTIVE hardware delivers best-in-class vaping.

The Blue River™ ACTIVE collaboration has created one of the cleanest vaping experiences in the world, delivering the best-in-class farm to table cannabis vaping experiences.

Ryan Hoitt / CEO & Founder, Vape-Jet
Consistency, innovation, and quality control

ACTIVE’s commitment to consistency, innovation, and quality control is the reason all Vape-Jet systems get pre-shipped with ACTIVE profiles. Their hardware is what we use for final validation because we can count on it to be reliable.

Lizandro Salazar V / President & Co-Founder, ArcataX
ACTIVE has helped us to three Emerald Cup wins

We produce top-shelf live resin and rosin extracts using exclusive genetics and rely on ACTIVE cartridges specifically for their flavor technology. So far our partnership with ACTIVE has helped us to three Emerald Cup wins in the vape category in 2021, 2022, and 2023!

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