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Welcome to ACTIVE

Formerly AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices)

We’re not for everyone.

We value products that work. We don’t cut corners on quality materials. And we’re not willing to sacrifice flavor.

To understand why we’re so passionate about our products, we must take you back to our 2008 origins as operators in Humboldt County. That’s where our dedication to cannabis began. Over time we started targeting cultivars optimized for best-in-class liquid extracts, including full-spectrum live resin, rosin, high THC, and other concentrated forms of cannabinoids. 

Like many businesses, ours was started from a distinct need. We became exceedingly frustrated by the lackluster performance of the available hardware, most of which was repurposed e-cigarette technology. These products could not handle the plants' different characteristics. They burnt our oil, leaked, and left sticky pockets.

With a passion for the plant, the know-how, and an insatiable curiosity, we decided to engineer purpose-built vapor devices for the industry. And so began our journey into manufacturing vapor hardware.

But, business is humbling! We’ve been through our fair share of trial and error, R&D, partnerships, and experimentation. All on the path to developing a reliable range of devices engineered for operational efficiency and specifically designed for the nuances of cannabis oil.

You could say we’re committed to cannabis, born from it, refined by it. So much so, that in 2024 we changed our name to ACTIVE™.

Today, we’re a globally diversified company, controlling every aspect of our operations. R&D from our West Coast facilities. High-grade raw materials secured through investments in our supply chains. Manufacturing in state-of-the-art facilities in China and Southeast Asia. And distribution to you from our two US-based fulfillment centers.

Guided by the founding principle of innovating exceptional solutions and outstanding customer service, we produce award-winning hardware recognized for reliability, flavor preservation, and product design.

We are proud to be the trusted partner to over 400 cannabis brands.

Partner with us to find your winning difference. 

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