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Quick answers to (un)common questions

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Yes. As cannabis legalization grows worldwide, ACTIVE is working with distributors all over the world. Contact us to find out where to purchase ACTIVE cannabis vape hardware outside of the US or Canada.

Yes. ACTIVE has a vast portfolio of creating standout customizations for our client partners. You can find examples on our customization page.

If your high-volume brand is ready to create an exclusive design using proven ACTIVE technology, speak to us about our bespoke design services. 

Testing and Ordering

ACTIVE distributes stock from our two US-based fulfillment centers. For stock orders, you will usually receive your order within 2-4 days, if you’re on the west coast, and 5-7 days if you’re on the east coast. 

For custom orders, you will receive delivery in 6-8 weeks from the time you approve your designs.

You’ll probably recognize many of the cannabis brands and extractors we supply which have become household names, including MSOs, LPs, and Single State Operators. To see some of the brands we work with, take a look over here.

Please contact us via [email protected] or 415.320.6209 to place your order.

Please fill out our sample request form or call us at 415.320.6209. We usually reply within a day to discuss your needs and arrange to send you a selection of ACTIVE all-in-ones, cartridges, or batteries.

Product Information

Check out the ACTIVE Products Page for detailed product information.

To see product MSDS, spec sheets, COAs or ACTIVE’s compliance packet, please send us a message using the inquiry form. Alternatively call us on 415.320.6209, and we’d be happy to assist.

Product Safety

  • RoHS compliant

  • RoHS or “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” is a European Union restriction on the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.

  • US FCC and EU CE compliant

  • All ACTIVE batteries are FCC and CE compliant, confirming electromagnetic interference is within approved limits.

ACTIVE cartridges and all-in-ones are designed to meet various strict state and international safety standards.

  • cGMP 820 certified  - International Standards referring to Current Good Manufacturing Process for medical devices.
  • cGMP 110 certified -  International Standards pertains to good manufacturing standards in the food and other industries.
  • ISO 9001 certified - International Standards referring to quality management.
  • ISO 14001 certified - International Standards referring to environmental impact management.
  • ISO 13485 certified - International Standards for best practices used in the manufacture of medical devices.
  • ISO 45001 certified - International Standards pertaining to occupational health and safety management.
  • HACCP certified -  International Standards for the systematic approach to control safety hazards in the food industry.

ACTIVE is a globally diversified manufacturer and distributor. We control every aspect of R&D from our California laboratory, and manufacture in our managed state-of-the-art facilities overseas.

Manufacturing follows a strict quality control process. From raw material selection to production quality checks. 

ACTIVE Technology

ACTIVE has a selection of cartridges and all-in-ones specifically designed for various cannabis oil types and viscosities. From distillates and novel cannabinoids to rosins, liquid diamonds, live resins, and others. 

Unsure which hardware to choose for your cannabis extracts? Be in touch and one of our viscosity experts will suggest the all-in-one or cartridge and battery voltage combination best suited to your oils.

Precise material selection, proprietary ceramic core, and advanced No-Burn technology™ combine to preserve delicate terpene and cannabinoid profiles. You can read more about ACTIVE technology here.

No. Cotton wicks are old tech and may produce harmful carcinogens if burnt.

That’s why ACTIVE uses a ceramic core with a built-in heating element that acts as the wick.

The ceramic core is surrounded with a semi-permeable layer of cotton to secure it within the atomizer housing. 

The cotton inside ACTIVE hardware never touches the heating element. This prevents the cotton from burning or overheating when the heating element vaporizes your oil. 

The cotton is not the wick in ACTIVE cartridges and all-in-ones. The ceramic core acts as the wick. 

Filling and Capping

Check out our comprehensive filling and capping guide for step-by-step instructions.

Yes! We work closely with the leading filling and capping solution providers and have developed various auto-filling options to save you time, labor, and for more precise filling and capping. Need help with your automation? Let us know and one of our technical experts will be in touch to advise.


Yes! Customizations are an essential part of our services. ACTIVE will work with you to create on-brand and distinctive designs using a variety of techniques, colors, and finishes.

If your high-volume brand is ready to create an exclusive design using proven ACTIVE technology, speak to us about our bespoke design services.


Please refer to our contact page for email and local contact telephone numbers for sales, support, and general inquiries.

Our sales and customer support is located all across the US and Canada. We also have authorized distributors in Europe and Australia for distribution in those markets.  

ACTIVE has designed and manufactured vaping devices since 2018. The ACTIVE team has worked across the cannabis industry for decades, with skills ranging from growing to extracting to retail and everything in between.

We are a globally diversified manufacturer with state-of-the-art operations in China and beyond.

Before ACTIVE™, we were cannabis extractors and processors. Like you, we wanted safe, well-designed, and reliable cartridges - that didn’t burn our oil. Because there was nothing on the market up to the challenge, we started manufacturing vaping devices ourselves.

Troubleshooting and hacks

To charge your AVD battery, use either a micro-USB or USB-C charger, depending on the type of battery you’ve purchased. You probably have a charger from another electronic device.

We recently stopped including power adaptors with our batteries to reduce our collective carbon footprint and to help eliminate waste.

Note: Do not use power chargers that output more than 5 volts. These may damage the battery.

If you happen to get a power adaptor with one of our batteries, simply plug the smaller end of the adaptor into your battery and the other end directly into a computer or other electronic device with a USB port. It may look like it doesn’t fit, but it does! If you have trouble with the connection, flip the USB over and try again.

If your cartridge is sticky, clogged or you experience airflow or activation issues, cleaning your cartridge connections will most likely easily resolve the issue.

Pro-tip - grab an alcohol based product like isopropyl or ethyl. 70% alcohol is ideal. Lightly dampen a wipe or swab with your alcohol solution, making sure that your wipe or swab is not dripping. It should be only slightly damp. Please squeeze out any extra moisture.

Remember, ACTIVE cartridges and batteries have a premium center pin connector. Be gentle to avoid pushing in the connector as you proceed with the following steps. You can always repeat the procedure if your connection is very dirty.

 Using your swab or wipe, clean:

  1. Around the side air holes located at the base of the cartridge and above the threading
  2. Around the threads
  3. Around the center pin. (Being careful not to push in the center pin)

Allow the cartridge to fully dry before reconnecting to the battery.

Check out our Tips and Tricks page for more troubleshooting with your ACTIVE all-in-one, cartridge, or battery.